2017 Price Increases

December 01, 2016

I hate having to talk about these kinds of things, but there's nothing for it: packaging items, shipping supplies, fragrances, colorants, and especially oil prices have gone up so dramatically that I'll be forced to raise the prices of my products in 2017. I fought against doing it all this year hoping that things would drop again, but they are continuing to climb.

It was over three years ago that my price points were calculated, and the changes in costs are putting me just barely in the black. I'm looking at not just the current state of things, but I am also projecting out five years. The new pricing will remain fixed for at least that long if not permanently. 

Not EVERYTHING will increase since newer products were priced accurately and some items have been adjusted over the years. Sugar scrubs will be hit the hardest. (In the interest of full disclosure, I wasn't actually paying myself for sugar scrub production! That's just not sustainable!)

New prices will be as follows:

Lip Balm: $5.49, Tinted Lip Balm: $5.99, Soap: $6.99, Body Butter: $15.99, Sugar Scrub: $16.99.

I know no one wants to pay more for things, but I assure you that I really had no other option. I hope you can be understanding! Thank you so much for your overwhelming support! 



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Hollie kennedy
Hollie kennedy

January 17, 2018

Do not worry about raising prices! Your prices are still the best especially for the quality and caring that goes into each product!! Keep up the great work!! Love all of them ! Each time I try to pick my favorite….impossible love em all ❤️

Kristie Settle
Kristie Settle

December 12, 2016

Don’t beat yourself up!
Shit happens! Honestly these prices are still fair. You gotta do you. Fortunately your products are so bomb that you’d have to be outrageous in prices for me to stop purchasing! ❤️✌?️


December 04, 2016

Girl, you have a family to feed, you do what you need to I’ll shell out as much as it takes to keep your products in my life. Vegan QUALITY with great and interesting things and scents I like that DONT make me rashy and itchy as hell are worth EVERYTHING <3 <3 <3

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