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2019 Pricing Updates

August 11, 2019

With the new Alchemist jars comes new product weights and hence new pricing. Let's break down the changes!

Scrubs are going from $16.99 to $17.99 each. The weight is also increasing to 12 ounces. 

Butters are a bigger change- they are going from $15.99 for 3.75oz to $18.99 for 5oz. At first glance, this seems like a large jump, but there are upsides here:

  • More product per jar means less shipping fees overall
  • The price per ounce of product is actually going DOWN from $4.27 per ounce to $3.80 per ounce. 
  • The larger jar is more easily reusable!

Regarding shipping costs, shipping is automatically determined by the web store software. The fee is calculated by package weight and your distance from the shipping origin. Because the weight of the jars themselves as well as the extra product amount are indeed heavier, you may expect to see slightly higher shipping rates. Unfortunately, this is not something under our control.

We hope you're as excited for the new stuff as we are!

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