Scrub Pricing Update

July 13, 2015

You may have noticed that the scrub prices were slightly raised this week. The reason for that update is simple: the scrub jars are now being filled to the very top rather than being cut off at 10 ounces! That means 11.5oz of product instead of the old 10oz.

There are things that don't occur to you when choosing arbitrary product amounts... and one of those things is your scrub baking in the summer heat and being left on its side during its mail journey! With that little bit of space at the top, the carefully arranged colors of More Star Sprinkles! migrate sideways. To be sure, it's still a rather interesting effect, but it's not what's in the picture! Filling the jar completely should solve this problem. The same goes for Back to Dream Castle scrub and Not if I See You First scrub. (Stupid summer!) =)

For now, the labels will continue to say 10oz.; I see no reason to waste that supply of labels so long as I communicate changes here. Your jars actually contain 11.5oz of scrub now, and the price was slightly modified accordingly. Thank you for your understanding!

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