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New fragrance organization system coming soon!

by Elder Oracle Alder Lakegrass January 11, 2020

One of the changes we've been working on with new products is moving away from pop culture. It was new and fresh when we started, but now it's being done by everyone everywhere. Let's do something new again!

We have our own bunny world complete with holidays, traditions, departments, fluffles, Sacred Orders, and will now be referencing that instead! Will is be super weird and chaotic for a while? YES. But honestly, don't we need a lot more of that in life? We think so.

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Our 2019 Holiday Season

by Jenna Moll November 30, 2019

GOODBYE, 2019! Let's boot it out the door with a sitewide 20% off sale!

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2019 Pricing Updates

by Lead Alchemist Larch Pinegrove August 11, 2019

With the new jars comes new product weights and hence new pricing. Let's break down the changes!

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