Updated Bunny Rep Program!

July 25, 2016

With the website refresh, we also updated our rep program!

(And you likely got a strange email saying your rep was reset into "runes" and had a heart attack... that was a glitch- so sorry! Your rep is already restored!)

There's a couple quality-of-life changes. First, ways to accrue rep are now increased! In addition to money spent, you can now gain rep by:

  • Birthday points (click that option to save your birthday!)
  • Liking us on Facebook* 
  • Sharing our page on Facebook*
  • Following us on Instagram*
  • Following us on Twitter* (where I post my "less curated" items!)
  • Sharing us on Twitter*
  • Product reviews (You can't click this item, but rep is automatically awarded after you leave a review on a particular product. Make sure you are logged into your customer account!)

*You may need to perform these actions THROUGH the rep screen for it to give you credit for the action!



The rewards were slightly modified as well! The Acolyte (750rep = $5off) and Zealot (1500rep = $10off) ranks have remained unchanged, but the Prophet rank has had its reward increased to $25 off! (Up from $20.)

I hope you enjoy the new system! It's extremely important that you know how important your support is to us! <3

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