Fragrance Rollers PRE-SALE (Ships November 30th)

Arcane Bunny Society Fragrance Rollers are available just a couple times a year!

Our glass rollerballs hold 0.30oz of our most requested scents. There is no colorant added, but scent initials will be written on the labels.

Pre-Sale orders will not begin shipping until November 30th!

Need some help remembering the fragrances? Check out this customer-created scent list!

This year, we will be offering fragrance rollers of products that have not been released yet! It's a great way to get a sneak peak of the scent. 


Bunhead (BUN), Bubble Spray(BS), Crescent Beam (CB), Fire Soul (FS), Human Energy (HE), Moon Prism Power (MPP), Supreme Thunder (ST), The Dark Kingdom (TDK) Scent profiles for the new fragrances are below!

Fragrances available:

Are You Saying We're Dead (AYSWD), Back to Dream Castle (BTDC), Boulder Hill (BH), Bubble Spray (BS), Bunhead (BUN), Chiseled From Beneath (CFB), Crescent Beam (CB), Even Death May Die (EDMD), Flutter Valley (FV), Fruit Punch Mouth (FPM), Garmonbozia (GAR), Here in Charm World (HICW), How's Annie? (HA), Human Energy (HE), I am the Muffin (IATM), I'm Cookies (IC), It's Pink Mama (IPM), Meet Me at the Waterfront (MMATWF), Moon Prism Power (MPP), More Star Sprinkles (MSS), Mostly Liquescent Horror (MLH), My Log Does Not Judge (MLDNJ), Not if I See You First (NIISYF), Scary German Guy (SGG), Shoop Bee Doo (SBD), Stark Nightmare Spires (SNS), Supreme Thunder (ST), Swallow Your Soul (SYS), That Gum You Like (TGYL), The Dark Kingdom (TDK), The Owls are Not What They Seem (TOANWTS), Truly Outrageous (TO), When the Stars Were Right (WTSWR), You Opened It (YOI)

Remember, fragrances used in soap are often somewhat altered by the saponification process. Your fragrance roller will still be very similar, but it may not be exact.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera, Fragrance


New Fragrances:

Bubble Spray(BS): fresh blueberry with bits of almond, orange zest, and a touch of musk

Bunhead (BUN): sweet kumquat with the tiniest hint of green

Crescent Beam (CB): fresh, sweet peach with bits of tropical fruit notes (mango, guava, papaya) and a hint of white floral (THIS IS PEACH HEAVEN)

Human Energy (HE): very, very sweet & fruity with notes of apple, pear, peach, pineapple, coconut, orange, and berry... based in a sweet malt and vanilla

Moon Prism Power (MPP): juicy, sweet apple blended with fresh sage. 

Supreme Thunder (ST): fresh, sweet anjou pear

The Dark Kingdom (TDK): sweet blackberry with a solid splash of fresh sage

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