Not Dead But Dreaming

Normally our recipes come only from the forest, but no more! One night after years of patient searching, we found them. The missing pages. Aeon-old spells, potions, and recipes straight from the stars and the depths of the oceans. (And some dust-encrusted formulas from the very bowels of the earth that were just too good to pass up.)

  • The preferred method of shedding the last of your human face before descending into the depths of the ocean? Check.
  • The mechanism concocted by the Elder Things THEMSELVES to soothe a wild shuggoth? Check.
  • The ancient de la Poer-approved recipe for soft, supple facial skin? Check.
  • The most elegant approach for disguising your human essence while mucking about with lesser gods? Check.
  • The only known way to keep man-faced rats in good humor while you're sleeping? CHECK.


**Thank you to IG user @nenetl_ixtli for the picture and to IG user @_greciam for making the incredible mask!**