Bunny Bio: Ephemerist Clove Dewfield

"They'll never see me!"


A bold, boisterous bunny from a very young age, Clove Dewfield had little patience for his Caretaker training and longed to see the outside world. As his attentions were usually focused more on escaping the watchful eyes of his Educators rather than learning his lessons, his Caretaker training did take somewhat longer than usual to complete.

He joined the Ephemerist Fluffle more for the excitement of the retrieval rather than an interest in the material itself. Clove works closely with the Agency of Sun to procure the required Sigils of Concealment and Diversion Talismans necessary to protect himself when retrieving extreme human content (EHC) such as magazines, books, and comics. Clove was only too happy to take on the extra danger!

Clove's earliest "claim to fame" was during his Ephemerist Apprenticeship and involved a particularly harrowing (and completely unauthorized) retrieval of stacks of Fangoria magazines. Though he was heavily disciplined for that retrieval, no one remembers any of that and only talks about the exciting addition that became the inspiration for our original line of soaps!

Clove is Accorded to Paperist Myrtle Redroot.



-Acolyte Juniper Cloverpath