Holiday: Closing the Season

Date: September 25th
Sacred Order: Reliquary of Wisdom


This is a day of gratitude to the wisdom of the earth, tidying up, and a celebration of duty. Most fields have been harvested and crops have been prepared and stored for the upcoming winter. Farm equipment is safely stored and homes are scrupulously cleaned and de-cluttered in preparation of the holiday.

On the holiday itself, Items that are no longer wanted are placed in front of the home where neighbors may come by to trade for or just be given the unwanted items. In fact, many bunnies spend most of the day traveling from home to home to see what has been put out.

Bunnies not participating in the item swap simply settle in for a big feast of gratitude, the last feast before that of Waking the Sun. Before retiring for the evening, an open book is placed on the family table with a leaf, blade of grass, or even a small bit of earth sprinkled on its open pages. This symbolizes thanking nature for her wisdom.