Hero Raymond Brightstone, Guardian of the Sun

Hero Raymond Brightstone, Guardian of the Sun is portrayed as a large, strong, golden rabbit wearing a crown of marigolds and sometimes brandishing a thorny branch. Raymond established his Sacred Order of the Agency of Sun high in a large, tall tree standing on the highest point of the warren. He also set up smaller residences in similar trees around the warren perimeter. Being fierce and bold, Raymond appointed himself Guardian of the new warren. In acknowledgement, the Sun itself wove him a robe of bright gold. His colors became gold, red, and orange.

The Sun taught Raymond not only the secrets of brash fire and light, but also those of darkness and concealment. Raymond pioneered the defensive sigil and talisman magic that would keep the warren and its inhabitants safely concealed. In addition to the ground sigils and talisman necklaces, Raymond trained and employed both butterflies and moths to serve as "air wards." 

In honor of Raymond’s accord with the sun, he was awarded the time of mid-late Summer- when the sun is at its most intense. Raymond created the holiday of Thanking the Sun and scheduled it on August 1st.