Meet the Human Advertising Team (HAT)


Once is was decided to make the Alchemy Fluffle's products available to humans, it quickly became apparent that we needed a specialty Human Advertising Team (HAT).

We don't mind sharing with you that this is a very complex task. We pulled the most relevant members from the most relevant Fluffles to form a diverse team that would be able to pull together to overcome any and all obstacles.

As our only previous interaction was humans was through our Reliquary of Wisdom's current Human Ephemera collection, it was definitely challenging to assess what themes would be most relevant to human interests.

As we feared that *only* analyzing that collection would leave us with an incomplete picture, we challenged ourselves to add human magazines, books, and comics to our source material- a very potentially dangerous retrieval mission. 

We challenged ourselves to tweak our formulas for optimum human enjoyment. 

We challenged ourselves to bridge our realm of knowledge to areas of human interest that would make for appealing collection themes.

Without further ado, please meet the members of HAT!

As all agreed that an Elder needed to be involved to keep an eye on things and the Bureau of Rain are the rare emissaries to the outside world, Elder Oracle Alder Lakegrass was selected. Though he is named the leader, he serves mainly just in an advisory role. 

Acolyte Juniper Cloverpath is currently revolutionizing the categorization and sorting systems of the Reliquary of Wisdom’s Human Ephemera collection. As she is currently the most familiar with the entire collection, she was chosen to offer this knowledge to HAT to help them in their appeal to humans. 

The leader of the Alchemy Fluffle is ultimately the final word in what will and will not be produced for human consumption. Lead Alchemist Larch Pinegrove carefully balances human requests against the Alchemy Fluffle’s already very full schedules and only allows through the items that he feels are of most need to our human friends. 

Though it cannot be stated that Alchemist Hazel Thornbush joined HAT with excitement (or even by invitation), but as Lead Formulist of the Alchemy Fluffle, she partly didn’t trust anyone else’s decisions and partly liked the idea of tackling human products in addition to bunny products. 

Glasser Crystal Cliffmoss specializes in decorative glass jars hence was the obvious Glasser for HAT. Though her jars are not only for human products, she did strengthen these jars to help them survive the USPS. 

Paperist Myrtle Redroot designs and selects not only the materials used for labels but also paperboard tubes and shipping materials. 

Though retrieval of the usual Human Ephemera is perilous at the best of times, we needed an Ephemerist willing to tackle the added danger of retrieving extreme human content such as magazines, books, and comics. Ephemerist Clove Dewfield was only too happy to take on the challenge and works closely with the Agency of Sun to procure the required Sigils of Concealment and Diversion Talismans necessary to protect himself. 


-Acolyte Juniper Cloverpath


Although HAT maintains this online presence on behalf of the Alchemy Fluffle, The Alchemy Fluffle is just a small part of the Arcane Bunny Society and insists on being presented as such. To help you learn more about us, we try to share bits and bobs about us as a whole whenever we can!