Award-Winning Design

I'm super excited to share that we've collected 5 design awards for 2015! I highly recommend marrying a professional graphic designer. He can't have ALL the credit, though! There would be no bizarre and ridiculous bunny occult symbols design without my bizarre and ridiculous visions.  A pretty great team! 

At the 2015 Art Director Award show, we won Louix awards for our crest and our packaging.

At the 2015 Philadelphia ADDY awards, we won the gold for our soap labels! Our labels went on to "District 2" (Philadelphia, New York, etc.) to win a silver. That's a pretty big deal to me to be ranked even among New York City packaging!

 We also won a silver for our logo:

Anyway, thank you for letting me share my great news!  It never ceases to amaze me that so many people actually respond to my weirdness. I am so, so grateful for all of your support and positive feedback!  <3 

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