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About Us

Magic soap of this esoteric obscurity can only be provided by a breakaway team of rogue bunnies that plunged so deep into the science of soap that they haven’t been seen in years. These recipes were found etched into trees.


Arcane Bunny Society creates handmade cold-process soap and premium beauty products for both men and women. The product themselves are expertly designed and crafted pulling from my own extensive research into naturally-derived skincare ingredients. Their appearance showcases my own quirky sense of humor and various pop culture obsessions!  

Product ingredients are cruelty-free, naturally-derived, and as chemical free as possible. Most products do utilize fragrance oils rather than essential oils, but my fragrance oils are obtained only from suppliers that strictly adhere to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and use only RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials)-approved materials. Packaging and shipping materials are selected with an eye towards the eco-conscious; paper/cardboard is recycled, packing materials are biodegradable, and plastic is kept to a minimum. 


To try to explain how I came up with the idea of Arcane Bunny Society, I’ll start with a bit about me.

I was born in Philly but raised on 40 acres of pine barrens in Atlantic County, NJ. (This should immediately explain several things- and likely your most pressing questions.)  Certain things I've latched onto in my life and cling to them with the passion of a thousand fanboys.  Things like forests, horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, toys, music, Twin Peaks, video games. I am obviously super socially well-adjusted. I write the taglines and descriptions myself, and if I am giggling uncontrollably, I know what I have written is exactly right. And then when I read them to my husband, he just stares at me. That’s okay! I write them for myself and that one or two other people out there who find me funny.    

I have always been obsessed with smells.  Mostly pleasant smells. But there’s also the oddball scent such as the chemical potpourri of a brand new toy the moment it’s released from its packaging.  Even now, I can close my eyes and imagine that smell exactly. Many toys from the 80s were fragranced; I remember keeping at least one in my pocket to periodically inhale throughout the day. (Hint: her fragrance was captured with Here in Charm World!)    

I began making cold process soap about 5 years ago. I was fascinated by the chemistry of saponification. A simple chemistry, but also rather unpredictable! There was something immensely satisfying about not only getting to choose the fragrance I got to inhale, but also selecting oils specifically suited for my skin’s needs. The more I researched the vast array of both common and exotic oils and butters, the more I wanted to branch into skincare products that could smell great and provide a new experience for the customer.

In addition to being super particular about fragrance, I've also always been super fussy about the texture and feel of a product. I hate heavy products and especially hate the sensation of your skin not being able to breathe (think heavy-duty sunblock). Any body butter I had ever tried gave me that feeling, and for that reason I hesitated to make them. I will not sell any product that I would not gleefully use myself! After a couple years of tweaking, I finally nailed down my signature body butter recipe- soft, light, non-greasy, and long-lasting.  

As for the company name… I was really into the alchemy aspect of the soap. I was thinking along the lines of something alchemy and/or occult related...with a bit of Victorian flair… and "Arcane Bunny Society" burst into my head with all the majesty that a secret organization of cloaked bunnies is naturally accompanied by.  It still makes me giggle.  Fortunately for me, my husband is a graphic designer. The logo was created from the following instructions: “I want a ridiculous bunny occult symbol.”