About The Author

Hi! I'm Jenna Moll, the creator, author, owner, and all around one-woman-show behind Arcane Bunny Society. 

If you're wondering how I got here, your guess might be as good as mine, but here are some facts:

I grew up on 40 acres of secluded Pine Barrens in very South New Jersey. Lots of farms and very rural. I spent most of my time wandering the forest.

I had/have imagination and ideas and creativity in abundance, but some things came extremely hard for me- school, social settings, organization. I have crazy poor executive functioning and could easily be described as highly sensitive... which made for rough times trying to squeeze in the societal role of a good child/girl/student/woman/wife/mother.

It wasn't until my mid-30s with a newborn baby and finally at my cracking point that I was diagnosed with both Asperger's Syndrome (now rolled into the Autism Spectrum) and ADHD (Inattentive Type). Although some people still react oddly when then learn that I am now firmly and clearly in the Neurodivergent realm, it really helped me to be able to go back and view all of my struggles AND strengths through this lens. 

I was always obsessed with scents. I have clear memories of keeping a scented Charmkin toy in my pocket and pulling it out often to sniff the sweet candied violet smell. (Later I realized this was a form of stimming!) I also have always had a poor relationship with store-bought skin products not only because I wanted to choose my own scent, but also the textures always felt wrong to me. They made my skin feel tight, or smothered, or sticky.... which was unacceptable.

I take a lot of pride in my scent selection and my formulas. I like to think that I have reached an excellent balance between skin nurturing premium ingredients, breathability, scent strength, and sensitive-skin friendliness. 

Product ingredients are cruelty-free, naturally-derived, and as chemical free as possible. Most products do utilize fragrance oils rather than essential oils, but my fragrance oils are obtained only from suppliers that strictly adhere to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and use only RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials)-approved materials. Packaging and shipping materials are selected with an eye towards the eco-conscious; paper/cardboard is recycled, packing materials are biodegradable, and plastic is kept to a minimum. 

My products are made by hand in small, loving batches right in my kitchen. Everything cures, is prepped, and ships from my tiny bedroom office in my Victorian home in the historic Ivyland Borough. 

As for the company name… I was really into the alchemy aspect of the soap. I was thinking along the lines of something alchemy and/or occult related...with a bit of Victorian flair… and "Arcane Bunny Society" burst into my head with all the majesty that a secret organization of cloaked bunnies is naturally accompanied by.  It still makes me giggle.  Fortunately for me, my husband is a graphic designer. The logo was created from the following instructions: “I want a ridiculous bunny occult symbol.”  

The company, aesthetic, and theme have evolved over the years. When I started back in 2013, I did have the idea of an actual bunny society in my head, but it was still amorphous and I needed something to run with. I chose to pull from my own pop culture "special interests" such as horror movies, Twin Peaks, 80s toys, Lovecraft, Sailor Moon, and more. Believe it or not, at that time an Etsy search for "horror soap" produced nothing but 1-2 generic zombie apocalypse biohazard soaps. No one had really made an effort to meld the indie soap/bath world with pop culture references, so I ran with it and it went wonderfully! I owe a lot of my current customer base and success to that pop culture world.

Over the years, sadly, I grew tired and bored of pop culture products. It was no longer unique and was being done everywhere... admittedly with the passion that I had lost. Meanwhile, my written world for the Arcane Bunny Society continually strengthened and took shape. I lost myself for hours in imagining out their whole warren and structure and names and religion! It fired up my imagination and creativity again, and that's how I knew that this was the ultimately my future path. 

I now have over 100 pages of back story for the Arcane Bunny Society. I have not decided if I will release it in its entirety or just in bits and bobs over time. It's not well organized on paper, but it's fully realized and alive in my head! Inspiration came from everywhere. I was very influenced by L.M. Montgomery, Tolkien, and my 100s of books on herbalism, witchcraft, Wicca, druidism, and general occult folklore. 

It was hard to cut ties with the old themes and product names.... in fact I am still in transition... and changing gears has resulted in some angry emails and rather blasty comments from customers. Those broke my heart, but I still knew I was doing the right thing. I hope they can forgive me. 


I have a hard time consistently keeping up with social media, but I dabble in various mediums and post sporadically. Please give me a follow!

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