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The Bureau of Rain

It's Bureau Season!

The Bureau of Rain features scents of fresh green, ozone, aquatic, and herbal notes!

About the Bureau

The Bureau of Rain is currently led by Elder Oracle Alder Lakegrass. He and his Forecasters live in the Goodwill Grotto behind a small waterfall. In addition to often being prevailed upon to perform specific rituals in response to floods and droughts, the Bureau of Rain are mediators, specialized healers, and rare emissaries to the outside world. Their robes are a soft silver and they are held together by a clasp of a silver lotus. The colors associated with the Bureau are silver and blue.

Though all bunnies are trained and skilled in basic plant medicine and aromatherapy, the Bureau of Rain provides expert, specialized healing for more difficult cases.  

The Original Caretaker: Oracle Gilbert Greenstream, Forecaster of Rain

Gilbert established the residency of his Sacred Order the Bureau of Rain in a small grotto behind a waterfall. Though its official name is “The Bureau,” the only name it ever actually went by was the Goodwill Grotto. He felt as though this name was more inviting, and the tradition continues to this day. 

Gilbert’s voice was so soothing that the Rain obeyed his every word- not because he commanded it, rather because he formed a relationship of mutual respect with the element. Not only did Gilbert become the mediator of weather, but he also became the mediator between the other Original Caretakers. He helped soothe and heal relationships, physical pains, and mental distress. Using water, sound, energy, (and common sense), his healing abilities became legendary. 

In honor of his ability to create fresh beginnings of all kinds, Gilbert was awarded Spring to shape as he would. He began the New Beginnings Holiday and scheduled it on March 25th. The New Beginnings Holiday celebrates not only the beginning of Spring and all of the new life, but also meeting conflict, stress, and sorrow or illness head-on so that it may be resolved and hence a "new beginning" earned.

March 25th Holiday: New Beginnings

Date: March 25th
Sacred Order: Bureau of Rain

The ice has melted and water once again flows freely through the warren! Crops and spring flowers are peeking through the soil, and the first of the baby bunnies are in tow!

The New Beginnings Holiday not only celebrates the beginning of Spring and all of the new life, but also encourages fresh starts for warren residents of all ages!

Beginning at sunrise on the 25th, the Oracle and his Forecasters are prepared to provide advanced mediation, conflict resolution, counseling, and healing. 

While all bunnies do enter the Goodwill Grotto voluntarily, surprisingly only a handful of them are spontaneous! Many of them have been specifically invited to participate due to their observed behavior over the year. There is quite an elaborate reporting system! Neighbors can report neighbors, children can report parents…. basically anyone can report anyone. Most of the time, reports are made out of genuine concern and helpfulness, but once in a while reports are made out of mean spirit. These are almost always intercepted prior to the holiday and instead the sneaky reporter is drawn in for counseling and the exploration of their feelings. 

Meanwhile, outside of the Grotto, “Goodwill Bean” creation is underway! Baby and young bunnies are gathered and each is presented with a dried white bean. The young bunnies are told to channel happy thoughts and goodwill into the bean as they color it!

The young bunnies then bring it home and plant it in their family garden. They are told that this plant will grow and thrive as long as they continue to feed it with happiness! This is traditionally a baby bunny’s first plant of their own.

(Of course, parent bunnies often hide backup bean plants should anything catastrophic happen to their baby’s Goodwill Bean!) 

Can you explain the labels?

We used to have a unique label for each product. After a lot of thought, we designed a label system that would allow unlimited possibility! Our scents are now broken down by scent family. Each scent family has a label design that corresponds to one of our 5 Sacred Orders. Click through our Sacred Order collections above to learn more about the scent families!

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