2021 Shipping & Pricing Updates

Hello! We've got a lot going on! I'm slowly resuming restocks.

I will be making a separate post explaining the new label system, so rest assured that it is coming. 

As you probably already know, shipping has become even more exorbitant and I am definitely still concerned about First Class packages. I hate to force Priority for the tracking, insurance, and avoiding the sorting centers... but that can be on the table if necessary. Most packages are heavy enough to be priority anyway, and I have been streamlining packaging to get it as light as possible while still being eco-friendly and secure.

Shipping costs are determined by the box weight and dimensions. This is already programmed into Shopify and Shopify automatically calculates the pricing when you order, and that is in fact the cost from the USPS (discounted with our merchant rate).

Shortly after the pandemic started, the world was wiped out of glass canning jars and most food items. Much of it has been restocked, but it is still slower, sporadic, and easily 30%+ more expensive. I've adjusted as much as possible, but jar products have to go up. Technically, the increase should be closer to $3 each, but I've decided to only raise them by $1 and see if they come back down. At the end of the year, I will reassess! 

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