New Fragrance Organization System

One of the changes we've been working on with new products is moving away from pop culture. It was new and fresh when we started, but now it's being done by everyone everywhere. Let's do something new again!

We have our own bunny world complete with holidays, traditions, departments, fluffles, Sacred Orders, and will now be referencing that instead! Will it be super weird and chaotic for a while? YES. But honestly, don't we need a lot more of that in life? We think so.

We've used our 5 Sacred Orders to break up scents into scent families. Labels will reflect the name of the scent family (Sacred Order) as opposed to a specific scent name. This allows us to make and share any fragrance and/or fragrance & product combination as we go. How's Annie? fragrance in a soap and butter and scrub? Sure! Seasonal soap scents? YES. We will no longer be locked in by labels.

If you are wondering whether existing product names will be dropped altogether.... well ultimately- we don't know. But for now we will go ahead and keep using them just for simplicity's sake. These names will in all likelihood eventually transition.

New scents will be named after a bunny and be complete with bunny bio and portrait picture. 

Below, we've outlined the new scent families and provided examples of what collection/product will be included, what season and maybe holiday they represent. It might be confusing at first, but we promise it will ultimately be cohesive! 


Bureau of Rain
Scent families: Green, Fresh, Herbal, Aquatic
Season: Early-Mid Spring
OG Collection(s) joining: Not Dead But Dreaming

Examples of Bureau of Rain product labels:


Sanctum of Inspiration
Scent families: Florals
Season: Late Spring - Early Summer
OG Product(s) joining: Flutter Valley, Here in Charm World

Examples of Sanctum of Inspiration product labels:


Agency of Sun
Scent families: Sweet candy scents, Sweet fruity scents
Season: Mid-Late Summer
OG Collection(s) joining: Nostalgia, Rabbit on the Moon, Fruit Punch Mouth

Examples of Agency of Sun product labels:


Necrarbor of Death
Scent families: Spicy, Earthy, "Masculine," Traditional "Fall" scents
Season: Fall, Halloween
OG Product(s) joining: You Opened It, Scary German Guy, Chiseled From Beneath

Examples of Necrarbor of Death product labels:


Reliquary of Wisdom
Scent families: Heavier food scents (baked goods, chocolate, coffee, vanilla), Heavier fruit blends, Traditional "Holiday" scents like pine, cranberry, candy cane, etc.
Season: Winter
OG Collection/Product(s) joining: Meanwhile, I'm Cookies

Examples of Reliquary of Wisdom product labels:


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