September Update

I love September. Not only because it is my birthday month, but also because it brings so much happy expectation! A fresh school year, apples, cider, and the promise of Fall. 

I've been in a burnout this year. While I have made small projects here and there, large-scale production has simply not happened. My dial has been set to "required functions only." Fortunately, I am pleased to say that it seems to have passed! (Or it is in the process of passing...)

It's hard to have a small business right now. Cost of materials and shipping is astronomical. There are so many social media platforms and there is a pressure to use them all to constantly promote yourself. I mean.... if you are not on Instagram, do you even exist? (That was sarcasm!) While I do actually like making videos, the setup is a struggle. Also, my quirky, rambling style is not the one that captures the kids on TikTok. Maybe it will get easier?

I have one event scheduled this year: a Fine Arts Craft Show in Yardley, PA, on November 18th & 19th. It is a lovely, chill show with ONLY handmade items. Free entry! If you can stop by, I'd love to see you!

It is possible that I will sign up for 2024 Oaks Monster Mania, but it depends on the dates!



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