WOW. I am so humbled and grateful that you're still with me. To be perfectly honest, I was not sure how last night's restock would go considering that I have been offering so little online the past couple of years. 

This reception was all the motivation I could ask for. Please allow 14 business days to have your order shipped- this was a big one!

I promise to do better and the goal is a monthly or bi-weekly restock. I am very conscious of the shipping charges and don't want you to FOMO and pay for shipping too often!

I've also added a couple things to the homepage- when a restock is announced, I will place the planned items in a collection at the top so you can preview what's coming. All the way at the bottom I will list things to look for in the next restock! 

About a week before the restock, I will send an email announcement to my mailing list. When the restock goes live, I will send an email reminding you. Please consider signing up for my mailing list! I will not send more than 3-4 emails a month. After all, I only just learned how to use it. :)

I'm also steadily continuing to add bunny lore. If you love your items, would you consider leaving reviews on the product pages? And also leave me a 5 star rating on Facebook? It helps SO MUCH. 

Thank you again, and we will talk again soon!


Love, Jenna

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