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Bunny Bio: Alchemist Hazel Thornbush

"Just let me do it."


The Thorns and Bushes have a well-documented history of disdain for tradition and formalities. Hazel Thornbush completed her Caretaker training in record time and has the distinction of being the youngest bunny ever to be admitted into the Alchemist Apprentice program. Within a year of joining, she shed her Apprentice status and was already the lead formulist for most of the creations.

Even though she IS a Thornbush, there was still some surprise and even disappointment when refused to lead the Fluffle. When asked why she declined the role, her response was that it would prevent her from having to answer future questions just like those. 

Hazel unexpectedly insisted on joining HAT for reasons best known to herself; Larch says it was to take on the new challenge of human skin formulation, but others think it was because she would not allow any Alchemist changes to happen without her say!

In any event, with Lead Formulist Hazel Thornbush involved, you can rest assured that you will only have the best creations possible!


-Acolyte Juniper Cloverpath