Welcome to phase one of your indoctrination.  


What's with shipping?

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. But you need an actual address. The USPS does not appreciate coordinates to a mysterterious tree stump in the middle of the forest.  We know this for a fact.

Shipping costs are based on the size and weight of items purchased. Orders are typically fulfilled within 3-4 business days. For large restock events, please allow up to 14 days for order fulfillment.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We offer the most cost-conscious international shipping option: First-Class or Priority International Package service. This takes 15-28 days to reach the recipient. Please include your phone number with your order; it is required on the customs form. 


Are my convention (in-person) purchases eligible for the Bunny Rep program?

Yes! There are only two catches. First, you will still need to have a customer loyalty account on my site. Second, I have to award convention purchases manually; please help me with this by telling me you'd like your rep added and providing your email address at the time of purchase. I will keep a list that I can enter from after the convention weekend dust settles! (And don't be shy about reminding me later, either!)


Why are wholesale purchases and/or purchases from other vendors ineligible for the Bunny Rep program?

Simply because there is no wiggle-room on my wholesale pricing. Arcane Bunny products are sold to outside vendors at a wholesale rate.


Do you accept returns?

Because it's soap and/or personal care items, we cannot accept returns.  Should you feel unhappy for any reason, please email us and we will do our best to fix the situation. Please remember that we cannot control what happens during transit.


My order arrived softened and/or melted- what do I do?

It is almost always possible to salvage items that melted during transit. Lip balms and body butters just need a vigorous shake and can be placed in the fridge upright to re-solidify. Once they have, they can be removed from the fridge and kept at room temperature. 


Do you offer holds or pre-orders?

No. Holds are unfair to everyone else and pre-orders put me at risk of *extremely* long fulfillment times. I only list products that are complete and ready to go. In addition to being the High Priestess of Bunny Goodness, I am also a mother and a wife. =)


Is it okay to resell your items?

If you bought my items with the honest intent to use yourself, but then find yourself unable to use them.... that's fine. If you are purchasing the items that sell out quickly to resell at a profit- ABSOLUTELY NOT. I spend hours and hours on my feet painstakingly hand-making each product- from measuring within a hundredth of an ounce, to carefully melting, to slowly mixing, to bottling, to labeling, to packaging. I sell them for what I consider to be a fair price, and no one else has the right to price them or profit from them. Should you see anyone reselling my items for inflated prices, please let me know.