Herald Iris Hillpath, Messenger of Wisdom

Iris valued knowledge above all else and set herself to the task of seeking and recording all possible forms of information. Her dutiful hard work became the deep underground vault of rooms and tunnels that make up the Reliquary of Wisdom. 

Iris fastidiously documented the lives and achievements of the 5 Original Caretakers, which eventually became known as the Arcane Codex. Though the name of “Arcane Bunny Society” is recorded in the earliest pages of the Arcane Codex, it is not certain if it came from Iris or if she just transcribed it.  

Because of Iris’s patience and common sense, she was awarded with the season of Winter. Though Iris primarily wanted her “Closing the Season” holiday to celebrate and reflect upon the season’s hard work, she was not about to let an opportunity for practicality pass her by! The new season was to be welcomed with a tidy, well-organized burrow, so homes were to be scrupulously cleaned and de-cluttered in time for the December 21st holiday. Evergreen sprigs and large pinecones were used as decorations, and the traditional gift became one book per bunny to be opened on the 31st.