Holiday: Thanking the Sun

Date: August 1st
Sacred Order: Agency of Sun

Thanking the Sun is a boisterous holiday of fire, sweet foods, and athletic displays such as races, games, and mock battles! 

Thanking the Sun celebrates the first harvests, the hard work of the Spring Caretaking, and acknowledges that the end of summer is on the horizon. In honor of this important physical labor, bunnies compete in contests of speed, digging, and feats of strength! Younger buns play intense games of "hide and seek" within the warren.

The winners of each competition then participate in a theatrical "mock battle" that symbolizes the 


Candies, sweets, and fruits are the food of choice.


flaming hoop, music, storytelling, trading?, laws?, legal disputes, contracts, athletic games, races, mock battle between "blight" and a Guardian, last fruits of the season, fire, sports, protection, Burroughs (digging)

Part party part defense council where new laws are perhaps enacted?