Holiday: Annual Necrarbor Letter Writing Campaign

Date: October 30th
Sacred Order: Necrarbor of Spirit


Once a year, on October 30th, bunnies may write a sealed letter to a deceased loved one. These letters are placed in a large black basket that is set out at the entrance to the Ancient Cypress. At midnight, the Secret-Keepers bring the letters down into the sepulcher and organize them by underground wing. When they are sorted, Secret-Keepers begin to deliver the letters to the appropriate destinations. 

Each Secret-Keeper carries a letter bag, a lantern, and a small rust-colored frog secured in a wicker cage. The letters are opened in front of their recipient, read aloud, and placed face-down on the chest of the deceased. This continues until all letters have been thus delivered. 

Lastly, the Secret-Keepers descend to the lowest level of the sepulcher, speak an incantation of guidance and release their tiny frogs into the deepest cavern path, where they will cross through the spirit portal and deliver the messages within the letters to their recipients.