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Holiday: New Beginnings

Date: March 25th
Sacred Order: Bureau of Rain


The ice has melted and water once again flows freely through the warren. Crops have started growing, spring flowers are appearing, and baby bunnies are in tow!

The New Beginnings Holiday celebrates not only the beginning of Spring and all of the new life, but also meeting conflict, stress, and sorrow or illness head-on so that it may be resolved and hence a "new beginning" earned.

The Oracle and his Forecasters provide advanced mediation, conflict resolution, counseling, and healing. While all parties do enter the Goodwill Grotto voluntarily, only a handful of them are spontaneous. Many of them have been specifically invited to participate due to their observed behavior over the year. There is quite an elaborate reporting system. Neighbors can report neighbors, children can report parents, basically anyone can report anyone. Most of the time, reports are made out of genuine concern and helpfulness, but once in a while reports are made out of mean spirit. These are almost always intercepted prior to the holiday and instead the sneaky reporter is drawn in for counseling and the exploration of their feelings. 

Meanwhile, baby and young bunnies are gathered to color or dye a large, dried white bean. They are told to channel happy thoughts and goodwill into the bean as they color it, and then they bring it home and plant it in their family garden. They are told that this plant will grow and thrive as long as they feed it with happy thoughts and goodwill. (Of course, parent bunnies often hide backup bean plants should anything catastrophic happen to their baby’s Goodwill Bean!) This is often a baby bunny’s first plant of their own.