Human Relations

Hi! Many of you already know me, but I'm Jenna Moll, creator and author of Arcane Bunny Society. I have created a couple of avenues with which to continue to interact with me if you're into it!

Mainly, I have created a Facebook Group called ABS Human Relations in which I will continue to post as me and share production and behind-the-scenes photos. Group membership offers the following benefits:

  • Old branding items at steep discounts (these are becoming rarer!)
  • Items too few to include in official restocks at steep discounts 
  • Partial fill jars, test batches, and "just for fun" batches  
  • B/S/T ABS products with other members

Items will be listed very close to cost plus shipping.

This group will be the group petitioned for feedback, selected as testers, and chosen as promoters. You can expect me to check in several times a week! 

Join here! Approval may take a couple days, but it will happen.