Harbinger Lily Nightshade, Secret-Keeper of Death

“From the rotting trunk of the dead Cypress tree crawled a small, thin rabbit as black as a moonless night. Her name was Harbinger Lily Nightshade, Secret-Keeper of Death. She was both cruel and compassionate, a thief and a benefactor. Unpredictable and expected. She did not speak.”

As Lily did not speak, she was entrusted to keep the secrets of the dead. She dug far beneath the Cypress until she finally reached the Spirit Portal. Only Lily was able to safely cross and return from this portal. When Lily did emerge, she carried with her the procedures of Garden Rite Administration and the secrets of the Sky Garden. She also carried out a small, rust-colored frog that knew the path to and from the Spirit Portal and could carry messages across.

Because of Lily’s accord with Death, she was awarded the season of Fall. In an act of compassion for those she leaves behind, she created the Annual Necrabor Letter Writing Campaign and scheduled it on October 30th. This holiday allows the living to write a letter to a deceased loved one. At midnight, Lily delivered these letters across the Spirit Portal.