Oracle Gilbert Greenstream, Forecaster of Rain

Oracle Gilbert Greenstream, Forecaster of Rain is portrayed as a lithe silver-grey bunny in a ring of blue lotus in a shallow pond. 

Gilbert established the residency of his Sacred Order the Bureau of Rain in a small grotto behind a waterfall. Though its official name is “The Bureau,” the only name it ever actually went by was the Goodwill Grotto. He felt as though this name was more inviting, and the tradition continues to this day. 

Gilbert’s voice was so soothing that the Rain obeyed his every word- not because he commanded it, rather because he formed a relationship of mutual respect with the element. Not only did Gilbert become the mediator of weather, but he also became the mediator between the other Original Caretakers. He helped soothe and heal relationships, physical pains, and mental distress. Using water, sound, energy, (and common sense), his healing abilities became legendary. 

In honor of his ability to create fresh beginnings of all kinds, Gilbert was awarded Spring to shape as he would. He began the New Beginnings Holiday and scheduled it on March 25th. The New Beginnings Holiday celebrates not only the beginning of Spring and all of the new life, but also meeting conflict, stress, and sorrow or illness head-on so that it may be resolved and hence a "new beginning" earned.