Prophet Violet Stardream, Diviner of Inspiration

Prophet Violet Stardream, Diviner of Inspiration, is portrayed as a tall, slender, white bunny holding a single dandelion puff or dandelion flower. She established her Sacred Order of the Sanctum of Inspiration in a large cave known as the Cave of Vision. The flowers themselves wove her a robe that appeared white but was actually iridescent.

Violet learned that the deeper she delved into the Cave of Vision, the less tied to her physical form she became and was able to connect her mind to living entities across time- past, present, and future. This act became known as “entering the Dreamscape” or just “Dreamscaping.” She could whisper to the air and speak not only to plants living in faraway lands, but also to plants that no longer lived or hadn’t yet lived...and they whispered back. (This understandably terrified most of the other Original Caretakers.) The Air carried words and ideas that only Violet could collect. From the furthest reaches of this cave, she collected a small amount of lichen and placed it in a glass vial around her neck. The lichen became know as the Lichen of Illumination and allowed Violet to perform simpler, less intense divinations without having to retreat all the way back into the Cave of Vision. 

Only short conversations with Violet were usually enough to inspire or spark ideas in the other Original Caretakers. She created Apex Oracle cards and used them to divine positive readings for the other Caretakers. (It is not known if it was the cards or the Lichen that actually provided the information!)

In honor of Violet’s close connection to Air and flowers, she was awarded the time of late Spring through early Summer when the majority of flowers are in bloom. Violet created the holiday of According Day And scheduled it on May 15th. This is a lighthearted holiday of flowers, dancing, luck, and new love.