Scent Name Conversion

This is a quick cheatsheet to find the new name of your old favorite scent!  

Are You Saying We're Dead? (Oracle Alder Lakegrass)

Back to Dream Castle (Glasser Berry Sugarweed) 

Boulder Hill (not yet renamed)

Bubble Spray (not yet renamed)

Chiseled From Beneath (Secret-Keeper Rue Darkhollow)

Crescent Beam (not yet renamed)

Dark Kingdom (not yet renamed)

Don't Fall Asleep/Damn Fine Coffee (Educator Dale Bushbean) 

Flutter Valley (Diviner Petal Starbreeze)

Fire Soul (not yet renamed)

Fruit Punch Mouth (not yet renamed)

Garmonbozia (Metallurgist Art Greencave)

Here in Charm World (Ephemerist Viola Mornbud)

How's Annie? (Educator Anise Bluepetal)

I Am the Muffin (Herald Clementine Birchgrove)

I'm Cookies (Cuisinist Coco Rootwalk)

It's Pink, Mama (Guardian Daisy Brightbark)

Meet Me at the Waterfront (Acolyte Marina Lilyleaf)

More Star Sprinkles (Glasser Crystal Lemoncliff)

Mostly Liquescent Horror (Weaver Heather Vinehollow)

My Log Does Not Judge (same)

Not if I See You First (Cuisinist Cherry Windspice)

Scary German Guy (Entomculturst Orris Spicegourd)

Shoop Bee Doo (not yet renamed)

Stark Nightmare Spires (not yet renamed)

Supreme Thunder (not yet renamed)

The Innsmouth Look (not yet renamed)

The Owls Are Not What They Seem (Messenger Ivy Pinepath)

Truly Outrageous (Hero Larkin Sunthorn)

When the Stars Were Right (Forecaster Calder Seamoss)

You Opened It (Harbinger Thistle Blackbark)