The Reliquary of Wisdom

The Reliquary of Wisdom is currently led by Elder Herald Clementine Birchgrove. She and her Messengers manage and preserve the great vault of all collected bunny knowledge, history, and lore. Their robes are a sage green velvet and they wear a metal casting of a single sage leaf around their necks. The colors associated with the Reliquary are greens and browns.

The Reliquary is forever seeking and chronicling new or missing pieces of knowledge. All Fluffles are expected to provide at least annual reports of notes and information so that it can be analyzed to see if it needs to officially be added to the vault. 

When the trend of collecting human ephemera took off about 200 years ago, at first the Reliquary of Wisdom poo-poo’d this new source of information as a young bunny’s fling. But the fad spread into all ages and fields, and the Reliquary was eventually forced to get on board. They pressed the Council of Elders to form the new Fluffle of Ephemerists within the Department of Plant Support, and their collection of human ephemera is now the grandest in all of the world. For research purposes only, of course!