The Sanctum of Inspiration

The Sanctum of Inspiration is currently led by Elder Prophet Flora Mooncave. She and her Diviners live in the Cave of Vision where they are able to consult with the Lichen of Illumination. The Sanctum of Inspiration often serve as consultants; they are prevailed upon by other Sacred Orders, Fluffles, and sometimes even individuals to divine the future or at least provide some esoteric guidance. Their robes appear white but are actually iridescent- they change color according to light and movement. The colors associated with the Sanctum are white, yellow, and violet. Any iridescent or light-changing “color” is also associated with the Sanctum. Although simple diadems of rainbow moonstone or opal are occasionally worn for ceremonial purposes, more often than not they only wear small vials of living Lichen of Illumination around their necks.

Members of the Sanctum of Inspiration have mastered the art of meditation to the degree that they are able to enter what is know as the Dreamscape. The Dreamscape allows the Prophet to consult with the Original Caretakers as well as all plants both living and deceased! The Diviners may only contact recent ancestors and living plants of any distance. This divination magic is perhaps the most revered (and feared) in all of bunny society!