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Dead Scream Lip Balm

Dead Scream Lip Balm

Fragrance Profile:
Fresh, sweet cucumber melon flavor with a healthy undertone of cocoa from the raw cocoa butter

These labels are from an older collection, but we do not let anything go to waste! We will keep this old label and name until we run out of the.... many labels we still have!

Product Details

0.20 ounces packaged in a recyclable plastic tube

Our lip balm formula is the very same we use ourselves! It is lightweight, long-lasting, non-shiny, and non-greasy. Simply put, it's the best small-batch pawmade lip balm in the world! 


Raw Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Candelilla Wax, Shorea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E Extract, Natural Flavor Oil

Human Usage

Discard after 18 months.

This product is heat-sensitive. Leaving it in a hot car, hot mailbox, or out in the sun may cause it to melt. Please refer to our FAQ for tips about saving melted products! Items that melt during transit are not eligible for refunds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amy W.
Sweet, fruity smell

I love all the lip balms that I have tried from here, but this has become my new favorite. It has a sweet, fruity smell and keeps my lips moisturized.

Kory D.
Great Scent Lovely Texture

I love these lip balms and this scent is my new favorite!

Paige L.
Dream Screams Amazing!

Love the feel of this lip balm and the scent is like a cucumber melon dream!

Alexis G.
Great lip balm!

I love it so much this is a repeat purchase!

Delightful as always!

I made the switch long ago to arcane bunny lip balms and have not looked back. I literally get upset if I don't have one on me and need to use something else. So obviously I purchased three tubes of this without even smelling it because I knew it would be amazing and it is. The fragrance is light and totally gives off a perfect cucumber melon vibe. The formula is perfectly smooth with good slip so it's not sticky but it also stays put and doesn't slide all over your face or disappear too quickly. Simply put this is yet another fabulous product from arcane bunny society!

(small side note: The new labels are glossy instead of matte and if you're like me and keep them in your pocket a lot then the printing will start to rub off after time. I don't mind this at all because it's not messy and it doesn't impede the products performance at all but the matte ones never had this problem.)