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Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss (Even Death May Die) Body Butter

Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss (Even Death May Die) Body Butter

Fragrance Profile: 
The crisp sweetness of dried grass is balanced with light florals and just a touch of earth


Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss is known far and wide for her infamous "Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss’s Grimoire For the Everyday Home.

In Begonia's own words, "The truest bunny magic is common sense and practicality. A well managed burrow is the cornerstone of contentment and prosperity! My Grimoire provides all of the basic information that should be accessible in everyone’s home. It is written by a common bunny for other common bunnies!” 

Though Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss’s Grimoire For the Everyday Home is a relatively new tome, it is already treated as an heirloom that bunnies pass onto family or gift each other to commemorate significant life events. 

Early on in her own life, Begonia noticed the struggle many bunnies faced when trying to manage a new burrow. She became determined to make this complex transition intelligible to all! It began as a series of pamphlets on various topics, but has since evolved into an absolute compendium touching on everything from gardening, cooking, cleaning, raising buns, medical ailments, decor, and extensive etiquette guidelines to personal comportment, the Sacred Orders, and community expectations.

Product Details

5 ounces packaged in a reusable, recyclable, food-grade, dishwasher safe glass jar (jar shape may vary)

Our unique body butter formula is lightweight, long-lasting, and non-greasy. These premium, organic oils and butters are selected not only for their excellent human skin properties, but also for their ability to allow your skin to breathe. (No humans were harmed during product testing!)

Our signature blend melts on skin contact, provides a pleasant cooling sensation, and sinks in after a few moments to leave an incredibly soft, almost powder-like finish. Even if you've tried and disliked body butters in the past, this one is a very different experience! (If you were curious, this is our favorite ear formula!)

*This scent is previously known as “Even Death May Die”


Babassu Oil, Shorea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E Extract, Mica, Fragrance

Human Usage

Apply with clean, dry hands. Discard after 18 months.

This product is heat-sensitive. Leaving it in a hot car, hot mailbox, or out in the sun may cause it to melt. Please refer to our FAQ for tips about saving melted products! Items that melt during transit are not eligible for refunds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I’m love with the woodsy smell of this. It’s so light and fresh

Samantha M.

The scent, the texture, the silky smooth skin! This body butter has it all. The reviews are so spot on, it absorbs into the skin leaving no oil or greasy mess behind, just soft smooth skin. To top it all off the scent is perfect, not too heavy and not too light, crisp without being overly floral. I can't say enough great things about this product.

Pleasantly surprised

This was a lot smaller than I expected, but that was my fault for not looking at the size. However, a little goes a long way--this is the most moisturizing, non-greasy body butter I have ever used.

New favorite

I'm absolutely head over feet for this body butter. I previously bought SGG and RttDC and while I really love the way they smell, they can be overpowering. This on the other hand is light and relaxing. Anything that smells earthy and woodsy/mossy is my happiness and EDMD has not disappointed. I put this on every night and pretend I'm sleeping in the forest ♡

Pleasantly Surprised

Surprised how long the scent last on me and moisturizing quality of the body butter. Will definitely buy from this company again.