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Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss (Even Death May Die) Sugar Scrub

Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss (Even Death May Die) Sugar Scrub

Fragrance Profile: 
The crisp sweetness of dried grass is balanced with light florals and just a touch of earth

Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss is known far and wide for her infamous "Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss’s Grimoire For the Everyday Home.

In Begonia's own words, "The truest bunny magic is common sense and practicality. A well managed burrow is the cornerstone of contentment and prosperity! My Grimoire provides all of the basic information that should be accessible in everyone’s home. It is written by a common bunny for other common bunnies!” 

Though Caretaker Begonia Trunkmoss’s Grimoire For the Everyday Home is a relatively new tome, it is already treated as an heirloom that bunnies pass onto family or gift each other to commemorate significant life events. 

Early on in her own life, Begonia noticed the struggle many bunnies faced when trying to manage a new burrow. She became determined to make this complex transition intelligible to all! It began as a series of pamphlets on various topics, but has since evolved into an absolute compendium touching on everything from gardening, cooking, cleaning, raising buns, medical ailments, decor, and extensive etiquette guidelines to personal comportment, the Sacred Orders, and community expectations.

Product Details

12 ounces packaged in a reusable, recyclable, food-grade, dishwasher safe glass jar

Our expert sugar scrub formula is made with a blend of premium organic oils, butters, and waxes. Extra fine sugar granules provide an effective yet gentle exfoliation. Our secret ingredient is our emulsifying wax- it allows the oils in the scrub to interact with the water from your shower to behave as a lotion on your skin. It also allows the excess scrub to rinse cleanly from skin and tub surfaces!

This formula has been slightly modified from our own beloved footpad softening product. It leaves our paws so soft that additional moisturizer is often unnecessary!

*This scent is previously known as “Even Death May Die”


Sugar, Macadamia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Sesame Oil, Mango Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Candelilla Wax, Fragrance, Colorant, Preservative

Human Usage

Massage small amounts onto wet skin until the sugar dissolves. Avoid delicate areas- the sugar is stronger than you might think!

For external use only. Discard after 18 months. This product may make surfaces slippery… use caution in the bathtub/shower! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Exactly what I hoped

I was looking to switch from a lusciously moisturizing yet somewhat abrasive salt scrub I had been using and came across Arcane Bunny. After waiting a month or two I finally pulled the trigger when this came back in stock and I'm glad I did!

It left me moisturized but not greasy, didn't have any glitter or shimmer which I wanted to get away from, had a faint fresh scent (others have said it smells sort of like cut grass and I'd agree it smells ... green like fresh crushed leaves) and the sugar was much finer than that of my previous scrub which I personally enjoy.

If you're looking for mega scrubbing and exfoliating like your showering with sand this may not be the scrub for you.

Jes K.

I adore the light grassy scent and thescrub is very relaxing!!

hollie k.
Love love

I love these products!! I always try to get them to last until the next group comes out, but it never happens . I can't resist them!

Sheri N.
Perfect light floral

Good match for the body butter, which is perfect sense it's fairly subtle

Great match with the body butter!

As is the case with the body butter, even though I don't typically like florals, and my husband is one of those men from the younger generation that says anything traditionally floral (especially rose scented) reminds him of his grandmother, he loves it. For me, I smell grass and hints of lemon verbena with some floral undertones. Several friends expressed great envy when they got to smell this and the body butter, and hope to get to try them soon.