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Messenger Ivy Pinepath Soap

Messenger Ivy Pinepath Soap

Fragrance Profile:
Clean evergreens, pine boughs, blue spruce, holly, cedar, green ivy, and dewy ferns brightened with light wildflowers and grounded with a hint of fresh earth. 

Messenger Ivy Pinepath oversees the pine cone aquisition for the annual Closing the Season (also called "Making Room") holiday celebrated on December 21st. This is actually a quite exacting feat as the pine cones are traditionally only from Pinus lambertiana, also known as Sugar Pines. Sugar Pines are not local to the Warren, so Ivy leads a team of bunnies from varying fluffles to make the trip every September. Ten large pine cones are selected for their height, symmetry, and general asthetics!

Product Details

6+ ounces packaged and wrapped with biodegradable, compostable, recyclable paper

This soap formula was crafted from organic, non-comedogenic, palm-free oils that are a perfect balance of gentle, skin-nurturing suds and bar longevity.

Remember, cold process soap is an art: design may vary from batch to batch.

*This scent is previously known as “The Owls are Not What They Seem”


Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Coconut Milk, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Colorant

Human Usage

For external use only! Rinse suds thoroughly from eye area. Allow to dry completely in between uses. Discard after 24 months.

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Premium Artisan Soap

Our soap is made from organic, cold-pressed, vegan ingredients!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kimberly P.
Woodsy wonder!!

I love my soaps!! Smelling so good these soaps are great!! Love it, I will buy more!!

Cory W.
Wonderful scent!

I love this soap. Such a great scent!

🌲🌲 The incredible powers of the lodge

...smell delicious. So wonderful, I almost don’t wanna use it.

A surprisingly good soap!

I'll first say, I'm not one for bar soap. I got this within the Twin Peaks holiday gift box (from me to me happy holidays! treat yo self!) and I bought it thinking "oh man I'm not all up for soaps but this has everything else I'm sure I'll love" fyi my gut was right everything was amazing! So the reason I don't like soaps typically is that after I rinse it all off my skin feels tight and too "squeaky" like pinch my skin and it'll give off a musical note (would be cool but doesn't feel cool). This soap I've been using now for nearly a week and while of course, it is not ultra moisturizing, I really enjoy the formula and the smell! My skin doesn't feel tight, I've been using the lotion bar from the same gift box on any typically dry areas like my hands, elbows, ankles, etc without feeling like I need to bathe in it. The smell is honestly so good I would love this as a body butter or lip balm or anything honestly. I'm a big fan of outdoor, fresh, tree scents and this is perfect.The only reason I gave 4 stars over 5 is that I'd wish the scent somehow adhered more to skin? I really really love the smell I wish it would stick around longer but I can see that could be a con to someone else who is more sensitive to smell.

Kody S.

This brand is absolutely the bees knees and everything i ordered smells so amazing. The chapstick leaves my lips absolutely amazing and the taste is phenomenal