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Fragrance Rollers

Fragrance Rollers

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Arcane Bunny Society Fragrance Rollers are normally only available once every few years!

Our glass rollerballs hold 0.30 oz (10mL) of our premium fragrance oil blends mixed with an organic liquid coconut carrier oil. Our carrier oil has a nice long shelf life, is odorless, non-greasy, and non-staining.    

Are you looking for the new name of an old favorite scent? Here is a list!

These items are made to order. Please allow several extra days for fulfillment! If supplies need to be reordered, shipping may take up to 3 weeks.

Do you want to know more about fragrance concentrations? Check out this article!

Remember, fragrances used in soap are often somewhat altered by the saponification process. Your fragrance roller will still be very similar, but it may not be exact.

Product Details

0.30 ounces (10mL) packaged in a glass tube with a black lid.

If you are curious why this is listed as a "Fragrance" instead of a straight "perfume," it's because *most* fragrance oils are not skin-safe over a surprisingly low percentage! We use the maximum skin-safe amount for each fragrance but we do not exceed it.

Please reference the article linked in the main product description for more information about fragrance concentrations!


Organic Cocos Nucifera, Fragrance Blend

Human Usage

Shake gently and roll onto skin.

Discard after 36 months.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Elizabeth Goss
Diviner Fleur Skybloom —a sun-dappled orange grove

I've been a fan of Arcane Bunny Society fragrance rollers for a while now. When I saw that fragrance rollers had made a brief-but-exciting return, I chose several that I wanted to try.

Today's Selection: Diviner Fleur Skybloom!

Here is the ABS fragrance description:
"This Orange Blossom scent is sweet, floral, and fresh! It has top notes of petitgrain and bergamot, middle accords of neroli and jasmine, and a light sandalwood base. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot and eucalyptus. "

When I tried it on:
The vibrant, citric zing of bergamot and petitgrain blends seamlessly with the uplifting sweetness of sunny neroli and playful jasmine. A gentle brush of eucalyptus lends a refreshing leafy note, and a touch of sandalwood provides a grounding base that anchors but doesn't overwhelm the rest of the scent.

The feeling:
Diviner Fleur Skybloom is the scent of a sun-dappled orange grove on a warm spring day — a swirl of creamy white petals caught in a gentle breeze, branches laden with glossy green leaves basking in the afternoon light, the comforting feel of sun-warmed bark, and the promise of oranges later in the season.

My final thoughts:
This scent is ideal for spring — light but not weak, bright but not sharp, and floral but not fussy. This scent delights the senses, but doesn't overwhelm them.

If you want to try an uplifting citrus-floral that is perfect for the warmer months, Fleur is your bunny and this fragrance will treat you right.

Thank you SO MUCH for this kind review!! Fleur Skybloom is DEFINITELY a personal favorite!! <3

Elizabeth Goss
Excellent quality, even years later

I first stumbled upon Arcane Bunny Society in April of 2017, and I immediately fell in love with their fragrance rollers. Over the years, I acquired a good variety, but I tend to go through perfume slowly so I still have a number of them around today.

Today, I decided to rock some Moon Tiara perfume in honor of the restock.

I bought this particular roller back in 2019, making it nearly five years old, but the scent remains bright and lovely! The sweet, vibrant lemon continues to pop and the carrier oil has held up beautifully, without any signs of spoilage (no changes in color, clarity, or fragrance).

After one application, the scent lingered subtly on my skin for hours without needing to reapply, so it hasn’t weakened with age (extra impressive considering this is a citrus-forward scent).

That is some excellent longevity with no special care required on my part (all I do is store my scents in a box in a dark, cool bedroom when they aren't in use). It truly speaks volumes about the high quality of ABS products.

The effort and attention the proprietor puts into ABS is apparent with every product I try. This is truly someone who wants to give customers a wonderful experience. Years later, I continue to believe that Arcane Bunny Society provides something special and unique in the indie bath and body market.

Thank you again!! It feels great that my efforts do not go unappreciated. <3

Sheri N.
Great scents but lack staying power

Pretty true to the scents of the products they are based off.


I have been following Arcane Bunny for the past 2-3 years now and there is not ONE product I have received that I don't absolutely love! I adore this brand and I have not used any other perfume/body butter/scrub since discovering this brand and I don't think I ever will! It makes my skin so soft and everyone asks me what I use to stay smelling so good! Trying the lip balm next!

shannon b.
LOVE the new Fragrance Rollers!

Fantastic products! First time using them and an very happy with them. Fragrance is long lasting